What is a Training Guide?

The Training Guide is the lifeline for the new users. It provides a framework of the new information and a future reference after the hands-on training has been completed.  

System User Guides are cumbersome and on-line help is sometimes not really helpful.  Not meant to be a full User Guide, the Training Guide provides information on the data required to enter and maintain transactions.  

Training Guides are meant to accompany "Hands on" or Video Training but can also provide a quick reference to how to enter a specific transaction, by refreshing the user on what they did in class or in video training.

Managers hears  "...gee I can't remember how to do that...!  Then you can remind them to "Look on page 14, exercise 3".


Why use a Professional to build Training Guides?

A training guide can take your staff up to 80 hours to write and edit.  Your staff is busy with their "day jobs" and must be available to help the IT developers and others with the endless implementation duties.  

With our streamline process we can shorten the process and quickly create document templates, images and include the critical path exercises you need to do the training right. We consult with your subject matter experts to validate training content and certify that the document meets your standard operating and compliance requirements. 

Using in-house Microsoft Word and PPT publishing tools, your organization will get documentation for your staff after the formal training is complete. And the documentation is version controlled and easy to modify upon new software releases and modifications.  

Let's Peek Inside a Sample Training Guide