Instructor-Led Training

Face-to-face real time training has been the preferred method of delivery for most clients.  Getting the employee away from their desk, helps the new user better focus on the material, gain confidence and also be a leader and mentor to other co-workers who might not be able to attend.  

Patricia L. Slabach and her associates will bring the best subject matter experts and instructors to your office and methodically guide the students through the material and courses.  

Hands-on really means "hands-on", where the trainee must go through the exercises with the instructor.  No one is allowed to just "audit" or sit in the back and work on other things.  Everyone learns differently, some visual, audio or hands-on.  This training provides all three types of learning methods.  

The Open Atmosphere - Building trust 

Training can be a daunting!  Especially for the adult learner who is insecure, shy or unwilling to ask questions. If a person falls behind in the class, we take the time to bring that person up to speed and not allow them to just sit back.  Most training builds on itself, so it is important to help students keep up as much as possible.   

Our instructors provide an open, non-threatening atmosphere and interact and query participants often, allowing for plenty of time for questions and comments.  The training day should be fun and rewarding as well as stimulating.   

How can to measure training sucess

Your staff will be proficient in the software or training at the end of the course!  And... as a manager you will get verification metrics that the training is successful by seeing a final exercise score for each student, if needed.  It there are issues with the class or individual students, we will address and work one-on-one with that student, as appropriate.