Build a Training Program

Free yourself and your staff from the hours of time ...  then you you can be working on the software testing and implementation! 

A successful training program is a critical success factor for the implementation of software. The user community needs requisite skills and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently. With any new software will come changes in business policies, operating procedures and even the now-enforceable departmental policies. 

How important is training?   The underlying and more important goal of any training program is to gain acceptance and adoption of the system and to foster positive attitudes and acceptance of the organizational change surrounding the new software. 

Let us help you create your program by providing you with the critical man-power and tools you need to succeed.  

"Focus on being the best you can at what you want to do."  

Terri Brown, Business Advisor,                  Indiana Small Business Development Center

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How do you prepare faculty and administration staff in the core competencies of a software system?  

  • Identify the target audience and business needs
  • Analyze software tools
  • Establish training program scope, time and resources
  • Setup the training environment
  • Create the budget
  • Define a training curriculum
  • Build materials
  • Deliver training
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Create a sustainable training program model