Simple Project Workshops

We offer a 3-day planning workshop to help the project and sponsors learn how to initiate the project, develop the charter, identify stakeholders, define resources, and manage project activities.  The project team will discuss how to mitigate risks. During this workshop, participants may be assigned project work; will learn how to apply problem-solving techniques and how to use commonly shared tools and documents.   

Simple Project - The Workshop Agenda

Day 1

Part I- Workshop Orientation    

  1. Introduction
  2. Process Groups & Knowledge Areas
  3. Organizational Influences & Governance
  4. Tools and Templates 

Part II – Initiating the Project

  1. What Happened Last Time?  (Lessons Learned Template)
  2. Creating the Project Charter  (Project Charter Template)
  3. Identifying Stakeholders (Stakeholder Register Template)
  4. Defining Your Scope 

Day 2

Part III – Planning the Project

  1. The Master Plan (Project Plan Template)
  2. You Want to Go Live …When?  
  3. Resources & Software
  4. Budget & Costs (Budget Worksheet) (Executive Session)
  5. Risks(Risk Matrix Template)
  6. Testing (QA Testing Plan)
  7. Training (Campus and Internal Training Plan Template)
  8. Project and Campus Communications (Communication Plan Template)

Day 3

Part IV – Executing the Project

  1. Managing the Work (Issues Log Template)
  2. Technical Work Plan
  3. Functional Work Plan
  4. Cutover and Go Live (Cutover Template)

Part V – Monitoring and Controlling

  1. Change Management – I Wish List!
  2. Controlling Costs and Risks